Scott Adams beats us to the punch

Scott AdamsTen days ago, Scott Adams, author of the famous Dilbert cartoon series, beat us to the punch by naming Bill Gates as a possible (and serious) presidential candidate in one or two election cycles on “The Dilbert Blog“. His blog entry has since then traveled the net, and if an excerpt of this post deserves a place anywhere, it’s right here on Bill Gates for President dot net.

Scott Adams writes:

I think that in an election cycle or two you will see an atheist business leader emerge as a legitimate candidate for president. And his name will be Bill Gates.

By then, Bill Gates will have done so much good for the world through his charitable works that combined with his business success he’ll appear more qualified than any other candidate. His early bachelor life and some of his business practices will come back to haunt him if he runs, but he can still win with this simple slogan: “Who would you rather have on your side? He”ll confess to all of his past imperfections and say that presidents are poor choices for role models. He’ll advise you to look to your parents for role models while you let him run the country.

I doubt Bill Gates is considering a run for president right now, largely because it’s so hard to make a difference from that job. His charities will have more impact. But I think he’ll someday realize that the world needs a rational thinker in the top spot and no one else can win.

At least you’d know he wouldn’t be in it for the money or to speed up the Rapture. He has my vote.

The rest of his post can be read right here. All we can say is: “way to go Scott!”.