Publicizing our beliefs – and yours

A little over an hour ago Scott Adams has blown a whole lot of extra life into our ambitious website. Thanks, Scott! It’s great to see we’re not alone, and we’re sure more people will jump on the bandwagon in the next few days and weeks.

One of our main concerns however is keeping our web page in the spotlight, and reaching a large amount of people with our beliefs and ideas, but also with interesting articles, pro and contra. That’s right, being rationalists just like Bill (a little bit less wealthy, maybe), we believe our web page should be a place where all opinions have their place. You feel like challenging us? Bring it on! Relevance and quality are the only things we demand.

We’ll do our best to keep this website as up to date and as interesting as possible. If you want to support us, check out the support and contribute pages on the site.

For now we’re just happy to see so many of you found your way to Bill Gates for President dot net. We’ll finish today’s post with another quote from Scott’s blog. I promise we’ll cut back on these as soon as we see fit:

I’ve always felt that you should pick a president the same way you’d pick an attorney to help you out of a dangerous legal problem. Do you want the attorney who dresses nicely and belongs to your church? Or do you want the attorney who can rip out your opponent’s heart and put it on the hibachi before he dies? Maybe it’s just me, but I want an attorney who is part demon. And I want a president who isn’t afraid to make rational decisions.