Times Online news log says: “Admit it. He gets stuff done”

In the next few days we’ll be zooming in on some of the opinions people have been spreading on the net about the whole “Bill-Gates-for-President-Bandwagon”. Here’s an excerpt from a blog entry earlier on today that caught our eye from the Times Online News Log:

President Gates of the United States. Do you like the way that sounds? Because you are not alone. A cause doing the rounds of the internet this week – admittedly where you would expect to find his base – is for Bill Gates to run for President in 2008, or any time he wants to.

It took us a moment to get used to the idea, but then we wondered why we hadn’t thought of it before. The Microsoft man has done computers; he’s done capitalism; he’s doing as much as anyone to get on top of HIV / Aids and Malaria; so why not the White House?