You believe in Bill? You’re not alone!

We receive so many “At first I was like, euh… But now that I think about it…”-remarks! It’s amazing to see that a lot of people are giving these ideas a chance, debating whether or not they could support Bill Gates as a presidential candidate. That’s great! We would like to thank all of you for sending in your own ideas, beliefs and thoughts.

Time for a short selection of comments from the BB’s (Bill-Believers):

In outsourcing to India, he made Microsoft more productive economically and more profitable. If he had these same goals as president, our country might be in much better shape. Now all we need is a legislative branch that doesn’t put party affiliation before logic. ~Joyce B.

That will be a change from people that are looking only for power and historical respect. Those are things that gates already has. No more of those religious values used in every sauce to hide their real agendas. If with gates we cut half the crap, we will live in a better world. ~Erik H.

I am seemingly the last person who would vote for Gates. I am a Christian and an avid Mac User. But because of his experience as a CEO of arguably the most powerful corporation in the world, and because he has taken his power and used it for good, I would certainly vote for Bill Gates as president. I think he would make a great president. And besides, its way past time that we had a nerd in the Oval Office. ~Dallas M.

I am a Republican, Born-Again, fundementalist Christian. I would vote for Bill Gates for any political office in a heart beat. Year’s ago I was one of the anti-MS, Linux geeks. When I started workign as a developer in 1996, the tools his company created made my life so much easier. I am now very pro-Bill. How could anyone deny his experience, based on his role, and helping America get back its monopoly on Democracy would rock *laughs*. ~David G.

I think what you’re doing is brilliant. If I were American I’d definitely vote for Gates. I only hope that he takes this seriously! ~Edward S.

Bill Gates for President? As a Brit who watches American politics with distane, I’d support this 100%. He has a track record of getting things done. Please consider opening the Gates of the White house. ~Graeme

A decade of political scandal is a very good thing for someone with vast non-political experience seeking to enter the political arena. After feeling betrayed and mislead by many insiders, there are those who will place more trust in someone who has yet to be corrupted by Washington. ~Steven S.

Bill has the kind of charisma that can save post-Bush US. ~ Bacabuda

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