Bill Gates? just imagine…

To the WGT (”Windows-Gates-Transfer”-syndrome) argument identifying Bill Gates with errors or omissions in Microsoft software, I would answer, imagine any of our politicians running Microsoft! There’s a good laugh! Concerning the non-issue of bugs in MS code, I would point to the vast numbers of hackers trying to exploit the software (because it is there, yes, I know, it’s irresistible!), and further note that it would be surprising if there were not some employees of Microsoft who are doing a little, uh, “internal crusading” let’s call it charitably, for open source alternatives to the company software. Even if there were no hackers or destructive sympathizers, running an enterprise the size and speed of Microsoft would guarantee errors, because human beings, like their software, have not been formally verified as error-free. In addition, I doubt that Bill Gates writes those incomprehensible error messages himself!

The very concept of Microsoft – a giant campus – is advanced beyond older business models. The employees I have seen, heard and read the writings of (including Bill Gates himself) are enthusiastic and positive, partly because they have to be, sure, but also because the employees working for Bill know they are in all likelihood destined to become millionaires, and they all know they are contributing to the frontier of advancing knowledge and utility for the average person, and so they partake of the optimism of service at the forefront of their field. The symbol of the frontier that they are living out is an American tradition that is unacceptable in the current political climate of win-lose mindsets and criticism of traditional America.

How long has it been since we have seen anything so positive come out of our government? I hate to be negative, as it seems against the positive nature of this website, and the positive call for Bill Gates as president, but I had hopes that the current President might devote much more effort to getting us a foothold in space, or end the Iraq war long before this, or that a candidate from the other party might have acted to fix over-managed health care or the plight of the homeless. But we have not seen the kind of hope in politics that technology promises every day, that is, the hope of curing the sick and prolonging life, of preparing by forethought for natural and man-made disasters, of universal care for those who need it. The political parties seem afraid to actually address these issues in public, much less offer us a candidate who is an unqualified winner, a completely successful entrepreneur!

To cut to the chase, imagine an America returning to the frontier of a rational war on human poverty and misery! Imagine, for an example that is particularly poignant, charities run on a business model (as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation requires, if you hadn’t heard), as if they really hoped and were designed to succeed at their impossible tasks! Imagine the multiplier effect of technology, and cutting-away of deadwood, that rational thinking with a grasp of technological issues and successful management could accomplish, when applied to the unresponsiveness of government and the political incumbents that seem baffled by it, or ignorant of it. Then imagine a government that finally returns to the ideal the founders had for the Republic: appoint (okay, elect) grownups, not demagogues, for high office. For President, elect a responsible person who has proved he can handle enormous responsibility, and trust him to do a competent, no, a superb job, as he has in managing his own affairs. Now, that is an exciting idea! Bill Gates for President!

We would like to thank Dan for sending in this article.