Why Bill?

Why Bill Gates? Why go for the nerdy-looking billionaire when there are less nerdy looking billionaires out there? Well, we have our reasons, and have no problem with sharing them. On this page we’ll try to explain why we believe Bill Gates would make a good President of the United States. Don’t worry: we’ll keep it short.

1. Bill is rich
Let’s get this one out of the way. Yes, we believe being absurdly rich is a good thing for any presidential candidate. Why? This candidate could make a great statement by paying for his or her campaign from his or her own pocket. We honestly believe this to be extremely important. Large corporations don’t sponsor candidates expecting nothing in return. Even when elected, Bill won’t need to scoop up tax-payer’s money: he has more than enough.

2. Bill is rational
Rational thinkers rule. We know quite a few people may argue with us when we say we’d rather have a rational thinker taking decisions that impact our lives than someone who just ‘goes with his guts’, or ‘goes with what the pope has to say’. We however think rational thinking is crucial in a global context, a context in which not everyone is a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew.

3. Bill isn’t selfish
With the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill has already shown the world he’s not a selfish man. Some people might call giving to the poor and supporting the needy liberal, but we prefer calling it responsible. We believe the United States with Bill as president would act more responsibly not only in its foreign policy but also when it comes to handling social problems within the US. Bill says: “To whom much has been given, much is expected.”.

4. Bill knows management, and he can prove it
Being president is more than saying yes or no. It’s decision-making at the highest level and it’s constantly keeping your guard up. In his many years at Microsoft, Bill has shown us he’s an exceptional manager. Bill can not only handle pressure, he’s used to it.